Tokyo Founders Fund


Tokyo Founders Fund is a seed fund founded by 8 Japanese entrepeneurs. All of the partners have experience in various professional business management positions from founding companies to exiting successful M&A and IPOs. This fund is also personally funded by the partners through their own investments. Mainly through pre-seeding and seed-rounds, the fund supports global start-up companies focused on markets in North America and Southeast Asia.

Angel List


Yusuke Sato

Yusuke Sato is an entrepeneur and software developer. In 2010, he founded 2 companies: the ad-technology company FreakOut and the smart phone media company IGNIS, both of which went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With over 10 years of experience in ad-technology, digital media, and B2B SaaS, he has invested in start-ups in Japan, Southeast Asia, and North America as an angel investor. Before he became an entrepeneur, he worked at Google in advertisement.

Ayataro Nakagawa

Ayataro Nakagawa took part in planning the company ATOKORE as the COO while still in high school. In 2012, he started the company peroli and released MERY, a media curation platform aimed towards females. The company quickly grew into Japan's largest female media platform and was bought by DeNA in 2014. He currently leads peroli dealing mainly with new business opportunities.

Kiyotaka Kobayashi

Kiyo is a Japanese serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco, and currently starting a new startup. He has devoted his life to founding several companies. The third company, an advertising technology startup, was successfully sold to one of the biggest Japanese telecom groups called KDDI. He has also been advising several startups and VCs.

Kensuke Furukawa

Kensuke Furukawa is a Japanese serial entrepeneur. He founded the venture company nanapi as well as SHITARABA, Japan's 2nd most popular rental message board. nanapi is a company that runs Japanese how-to media (like eHow), which has been M&A by a major carrier. SHITARABA business has also been transferred to livedoor (currently LINE).

Nobuhiro Ariyasu

Ariyasu Nobuhiro is an entrepeneur and an angel investor based in Tokyo. He founded Coach United Inc in 2007 which was bought out by Japan's largest culinary recipe database COOKPAD in 2013. Out of the 3 companies he has founded, 2 have become listed companies domestically and the other is sold in Thailand as an unlisted company. He has more than 10 years of experience as a businessman specializing in EC, merketplace, and media, and has been an angel investor on multiple occasions. Before becoming an entrepeneur he worked as a marketer at Unilever.

Yo Shibata

Yo Shibata is a three-time-acquired serial entrepreneur currently based in NYC. His most recent company, later acquired by Rakuten, provides users with loyalty points as they enter participating stores by pairing a mobile application with his proprietary ultrasonic based micro-location technology. Prior to startups, he worked for McKinsey & Company as a consultant.

Taichi Murakami

Taichi Murakami founded the company Livesense Inc. He founded it in 2006, and it became a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2011 and TSE in 2012. In both cases, he became the youngest entrepeneur to do so (at 25 years old). Livesense was founded with the vision of "inventing new common sense", providing all kinds of services from part time job seraching, career transfer counseling, and personnel media.

Yusuke Asakura

Yusuke Asakura is partner of Tokyo Founders Fund, an angel network composed of eight entrepreneurs, which invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups globally. He is also a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. Prior to it, Yusuke was the CEO of mixi, a public company which runs the largest Social Networking Service in Japan. At mixi, he led turnaround strategy by diversification of its business and increased its market cap from $200M to $4B in one year. Prior to mixi, he was the founder and CEO of Naked Technology which was acquired by mixi. Prior to Naked Technology, Yusuke was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.


Venture Investment for the founders, by the founders.

Our fund has no restrictions. We also have not set "target IRR". We are solely focused on helping companies find success by supporting them through a small team of entrepeneurs who want to make the world a better place.


If you are a hard-working team that is conemplating fundraising through pre-seed or seed-rounds, or if you are an individual that fits one of the following critieria: 1 - A highly-skilled and risk-taking software engineer, 2- A business insider who wants to shake up the industry through creating new business opportunities, or 3 - A gifted student who can work for 72 hours on little to no sleep, please contact us using the form below.